Wildlife Wednesday: Aquarium Edition

Recently we took the Blue Class on a trip to the aquarium to finish up the ocean unit. I LOVE the aquarium and was probably more excited about it than some of the kids were. Though I was bummed that the jellyfish exhibit was closed, I was glad that we did not lose a single child. Winning! Here are some of the things we saw.

Apparently the octopus NEVER comes out of her cave but she made a special appearance just for us. WOWZA! Octopi/uses are COOL. I think this one must read my blog because she changed colors as we were standing there!

MYRTLE THE TURTLE. She is approx. 100 years old and bigger than ALL the kids in my class. I have never seen a turtle so gigantic..ever.


One thought on “Wildlife Wednesday: Aquarium Edition

  1. Vogue Vet

    Ahh I love the Boston aquarium! As part of a summer research program I’m doing this summer, we might get a behind-the-scenes tour of SeaWorld, would be even MORE amazing!


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