Spring Break: Part One

Instead of the “relaxing” spring break I had expected, the past week was jam-packed full of new adventures, family time, and LOTS of good food. Can’t complain there!

It all began with Marathon Monday.

I elbowed my way to the front of the crowd @ mile 24 to snap this pic of [I believe] the winner. This is the one and only time I have successfully used the sports setting on my camera, and as a result I have roughly 864 pictures of various runners – 0.1% of whom I know their name. I couldn’t help myself – the snapSNAPsnap rapid fire camera noises made me feel like a true paparazzi!

On Tuesday I ate 14 of these s’mores bars and headed home to upstate NY!

On Wednesday I momentarily stopped feeling sorry for myself for not going on vaca to some exotic tropical location.

Why pay for airfare when upstate NY has water just as blue?

…As I said – it was only momentary.

On Thursday we navigated the rural NY backcountry roads in order to find the Chobani factory.

Only to discover that it looked like this. And no, they do not give out free yogurt samples and yes, we were trespassing.

Part two tomorrow!


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