Spring Break: Part 2

We kicked off part two of spring break with a looooong traffic-filled drive back to Boston with my whole fam, as well as a looooong trip to the Verizon store to [finally, happily, joyously] get me an iPhone!!!!!! I am now officially a real adult in the 21st century. I am also that annoying iPhone user who has her phone glued to her hand 24/7 like a crackBerry. Though iPhones are WAY more fun than crackBerries. Truth.

We also made a pitstop in Charlestown for Easter attempt #2 to climb the Bunker Hill monument (original summit attempt circa Easter weekend 2010), only to find that it is STILL CLOSED. We’re hoping the third time’s the charm. Easter 2012, bring it on.

We ended the day with a trip to the MFA to check out the Chihuly exhibit. The photos from the exhibit deserve their own post, but here’s a preview:

Totally and completely mind (and glass, har har) blowing.

On Saturday we got up bright and early to drive up to Gloucester and Rockport. Though the weather was terrible, my umbrella flipped 18 times and hit me in the head twice, I potentially water-damaged my camera in an attempt to get the perfect “Perfect Storm” photo (George Clooney, I did it for you!)- we made the best of it! I kept singing a song I learned in 4th grade chorus:

Hey hey, come what may 

I’m not gonna let that ruin my day

No sir, no way

I’m not gonna let that ruin my day!

It’s a catchy little diddy and you should feel free to sing it to yourself whenever your umbrella hits you in the head or you lose your dad in a town without cellphone service.

Perfect tiny lobster sliders!

Perfect “Perfect Storm” photo. Ehhh.

Please note my dad and brother also trying to get the photo. Sorry to any and all Martin family cameras harmed in this process.

And finally, Domenica and I hosted Easter brunch for our families at our apartment on Sunday. We are soo adult.

We also ventured over to the Arnold Arboretum and almost had a throw-down with a certain family who was hogging a certain beautiful pink tree. But that deserves its own post as well…

Whew! What a week. Is it summer yet???


One thought on “Spring Break: Part 2

  1. Mom

    Did you realize that in the background of the photo taken at water’s edge(a/k/a the boat launch) in Rockport is the FAMOUS “Motif #1”? (google it)


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