Tomato and Thyme Focaccia

Remember when I made my first homemade focaccia and ooohed and ahhed and pretty much decided it was the best thing to ever hit my taste buds?

This is so much better than that.

Just when I think I’ve created the very best focaccia in the whole wide world (I love myself, yes I do)… I decide to step it up a notch.

You know how when I look at toasted coconut shreds I hear the Little Mermaid singing?

When I look at this focaccia I hear…

Ooohh baby baby,

Ba-baby baby

à la..this.

I’ll even let you in on a little secret…this is eaaasy. Just push 10-12 grape tomatoes into the dough and sprinkle on a bit of thyme. The tomatoes will burst in the oven and make the bread super moist, and the thyme infuses the whole loaf (as well as your whole kitchen) with amazing smells and flavor. Yum yum yum yum yum yum YUM!

I’m pretty sure I heard this whispering “EAT ME” from my kitchen. Yes, that must be why an entire loaf is already gone…22 hours later…


2 thoughts on “Tomato and Thyme Focaccia

  1. thesavvystudent

    Ah! I love this post! Photos are beautiful and couldn’t agree more with the flavour combo for focaccia. My fav is similar: sun-dried tomatoes and basil.


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