Homemade Toaster Pastries

Poptart, Toaster Strudel. Potato, potahto. But not really.

I set out this weekend to make Flour‘s homemade poptart recipe, only to discover the end product was much more like a Toaster Strudel. I’m not going to make a big deal over the false advertising (just kidding, Joanne Chang! Hire me!!) because either way you name it, the results are delicious.

*BREAKING NEWS* As I was typing this post, I took a 5 (cough* 15) minute break to peruse the Flour website (because who doesn’t like spending their afternoons drooling over virtual baked goods) and I noticed this:

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Edit #2????? You should know that the recipe in my Flour cookbook says to roll out each half into a 22×14 inch rectangle, which was pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and pretty much made me decide to throw my rolling pin out the window, and caused me to curse myself for not having a YARDSTICK on hand to measure my TWO FEET of DOUGH.

I am over the moon to realize that this seemingly-minute-but-really-headache-inducing detail is an oopsies. I will now *definitely* be making these poptart/strudel/pastries again. And I should also probably retrieve my rolling pin from the parking lot.

Phew! Now let me show you what I made…

My favorite poptart growing up was maple and brown sugar, so that’s what I started with! Unfortunately I didn’t seal the sides well enough and the insides oozed out. But, I smothered the pastries with cinnamon glaze and called it a day. When life hands you lemons…?

For the second batch, I filled half with raspberry jam and the other half with blackberry. Yes, I considered making cake batter glaze. No, it was not an appropriate time to use it.

If you want the recipe (the dough is super easy – only 6 ingredients!), you should buy the cookbook. Because…it’s just that good 😉


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