The great. Chocolate chip cookie. Debate.

Hi, I’m Melanie.

I started baking around the same time I started walking.* And ever since I could walk, I’ve been making ONE and only ONE chocolate chip cookie recipe. It is my go-to recipe for any and all events, celebrations, and I-need-something-sweet-rightNOW-moments. This recipe is the one my mom always used and the only recipe I know by heart. And it’s not even the one on the back of the chocolate chip bag.

SO. The other day I’m perusing my Google Reader and I see a fellow blogger making “America’s Test Kitchen Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies“. And she proclaims that they are perfect. And since it’s America’s Test Kitchen… I must know.

Are they better than mine????

And so begins The Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Debate.

I made both recipes, designated one batch as “Cookie A” and the other batch as “Cookie B”, and force-fed** them to my friends. Then I told them this was a BIG DEAL and they needed to take the test seriously. I had 15 taste-testers (in order to be statistically significant, you must test more than 14 people. Fact.) and I have to put it out there… I did not influence them in any way.

And my cookie recipe won, YO!

By like, a lot. 11-4, in fact.

HEEYYOOOOO! I would be getting my patent on right now and making millions but apparently there is some law about not “owning” recipes. Bumma.

Check out my recipe here.

*Slight exaggeration

**As IF.


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