Tatte Pâtisserie

You guys know I kinda LOVE Paris – right? And outdoor cafés? And above all…food?

So you can probably guess how I would feel about a place that combines all three.

Hello, Tatte Pâtisserie and Café. Pleasure to meet you.

I should probably tell you the story behind my love affair with this newly-discovered gem. About a month ago Mike and I walked into the “new” bakery down the street and excitedly asked when they had opened. Turns out.. it was four years ago. I’ve just been too busy habitually walking down the opposite side of the street for the past 10 months to notice. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Anyway, we showed up right at closing time and I’ve been meaning to go back every since. This Sunday we finally did, and then I died and went to food heaven and proclaimed that I may never eat anyplace else ever again. Ever. Again. I might even devote a new blog to trying each and every item on their menu. Kind of like Julie and Julia except I’ll end up way more poor.

They make homemade animal crackers, for goodness sake!

Mike and I shared a turkey sandwich for dinner: turkey, muenster, avocado, mustard, spinach, and dried cranberries pressed into a panini on BRIOCHE. DO YOU HEAR ME???? Brioche.

It was served on this AH-dor-able striped tray. Must have.

I really can’t explain how hard it was to choose a dessert from all the delicious treats they had to offer. I stood in the middle of the café and spun in circles mumbling a mixture of “too many choices”, “yum” and drooling until Mike finally took over and made the executive decision to go with a giant slice of pistachio pie. With a side of mint lemonade which was obviously the most refreshing and original lemonade I’ve ever tried.

Now my stomach is rumbling. If you need me, I’ll be the girl sitting here:

wolfing down tartes and whispering “ooh la la”.


One thought on “Tatte Pâtisserie

  1. Anna

    awesome! I’ve always seen this place, but never gone in… will have to change that soon!

    Also, I think I saw those striped trays at IKEA recently!!!!


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