Cookie Dough Ballz

I’ve been eyeing these “cookie dough balls”  for quite some time, but I always resisted making them because I was like giiirrrll, there is no way cashews and rolled oats can taste ANYTHING like cookie dough. As IF.

But today I was looking for a semi-healthy dessert and decided it was time to try them out.

I’m not sure if it’s magic, or sorcery, or something to do with the Harry Potter premiere, but these ballz somehow taste like a lot like cookie dough! Cashews+oats+flour+sugar+salt+vanilla+maple syrup+choco chips+Wingardium Leviosaaaahh=Cookie Dough Ballz.

And because I get obsessed with things, I made a batch of Biscoff ballz as well.

So far I’ve eaten ~45 of these little nuggets, which I think defeats the purpose of them being semi-healthy, but at least its not 45 bites of butter+eggs+sugar?

They are also REALLY yum with banana soft serve*.

Head on over to Oh She Glows for the cookie dough balls recipe!

*Have you ever tried banana soft serve? It is just a pureed frozen banana that manages to have the EXACT consistency of soft serve ice cream. Magic.


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