Just call me Martha Stewart

Big announcement. (Some of you may have already seen this on my Twitter but it would be great if you could act surprised anyways)


I am the proudest parent in the history of plant parents. This probably rivals the time I was a proud parent of a show rabbit – yes, yes, a top 4H competitor – and took him for a walk and people were jealous of me and my bunny with a pedigree on a sparkle leash. Actually this is better because I bet my tomatoes won’t run away.

Remember when the tomato plant was this little guy?

And now it is a big grown plant.

Mike, take note. If I can take good enough care of a plant to make it produce tomatoes, I can definitely take care of a puppy.

My other plants are doing just splendidly as well.

Baby zinnias –> flowering zinnias!

And enough basil to make oodles and oodles of pesto.

I can’t wait to pick my very first tomato and make a caprese salad with my fresh produce! You may call me Farmer Brown.


One thought on “Just call me Martha Stewart

  1. Mom

    “Farmer Martin” sounds better. And just for the record, you inherited those gardening genes from me, although your basil is definitely better looking than mine.


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