Wildlife Wednesday: Pumpkin the Cat Edition

This is our family cat, Pumpkin.

She weighs like a buck fifty. She likes to have her belly rubbed. She hisses whenever my dad enters the room.

A pet one could only dream of.

This is Pumpkin when we told her she had to go on a diet.

This is Pumpkin saying “no paparazzi!”

This is Pumpkin’s glamour shot.


And finally, this is Pumpkin when we made her a jean jacket out of a pair of my old jeans. 

You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Pumpkin the Cat Edition

  1. Mom

    For the record, as I have spent more time with our charming pet than anyone else in the family, she IS a good and loyal cat and I believe this is quite an unflattering depiction of her. I will, however, verify that the hissing occurs regularly (oh well…)

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