Best Meal…of my life?

I feel like I’m not allowed to announce that this weekend I had the best meal of my life because that’s like… the biggest statement I could possibly make. Considering how much I love food.

But even as I start to write this post and think about the potential BMoML (best meal of my life) I am literally drooling. Well, almost. Salivating heavily. But that’s yuck and now people who google “salivating heavily” are going to be brought to my blog. Especially because I just said it twice.

Let’s move on. It all started at Thames Street Kitchen in Newport, RI. After a beautiful sunset sail, I headed to TSK with Mike and a couple friends. The restaurant is small and cozy, only about ten tables. The menu changes daily and/or weekly to incorporate local, fresh, and in-season produce. Here’s the menu we were given Saturday night:

While looked over the menu, we munched on some fresh-out-of-the-oven rolls and homemade butter that was so good I wanted to dive inside and swim around. I decided to go with the roasted chicken (they had me at honey spaetzle), and that’s how it happened…

Best Meal of My Life.

I apologize for the poor quality photo. I almost didn’t take one because I was too busy having a relationship with my food to remember…anything. But luckily Mike reminded me that if this truly was the BMoML I had better document it.

The honey spaetzle was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Sweet, chewy, golden brown and perfect. Perfect. Could.NOT.stop.shoveling it into my mouth. Must recreate sometime in the next 24 hours or I might die.

AND THEN. Then, the roasted chicken. I cut into it (with a butter knife, it was so juicy and tender) and noticed that underneath the crispy golden skin, someone had tucked in MASHED POTATOES. Can you even? I cannot. Here I go, salivating heavily again.

Perfectly roasted chicken stuffed with mashed potatoes? WHO EVEN THINKS OF THIS STUFF??? Whoever it is, I want them for my birthday. Along with Zac Efron+french bulldog. It’s tomorrow, so you better get a move on.

So you would think that after stuffing my face with this plate of heaven I wouldn’t have room for dessert. But I always have room for dessert. And there were homemade donuts on the menu.

{photo credit}


We paired them with the homemade coffee ice cream, which was

So there it is: best meal of my life. If you are ever in Newport, GO to Thames Street Kitchen (but make a reservation early, they fill up fast!). I promise you won’t regret it.


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