Frenchie Friday

For this week’s Frenchie Friday, I have a


Let’s set the scene…

Disclaimer: Mike does not like french bulldogs and says that he never will.

The time: Wednesday, 8/24/11, 11:04PM

The place: My apartment, and an undisclosed location elsewhere

The players: Me and Mike

So I’m on the phone with Mike as he’s walking to a friends house, and I hear him run into a person walking a french bulldog. Before I can launch into my usual WHAT COLOR WHAT’S ITS NAME IS IT A GIRL OR BOY HOW BIG IS IT CUTE CAN I KEEP IT I hear Mike ask the owner if he can pet it . And then he’s using his dog voice and I’m getting jealous that he’s petting a frenchie and I’m not and…

he utters six little words.

“I like them!”

and then..

“I want one”

It is official. I have finally convinced Mike to like french bulldogs. This is the biggest and first step of my three-year Get a Puppy campaign and I feel like I won the lottery. Now it’s only a matter of time (days really) until I have a Frenchie of my own.

Aug 24, 2011. A day that will live in infamy.


One thought on “Frenchie Friday

  1. Dad

    I am with Mike on the french bulldog thing. Here is why: at an antique store in Utica I once made the mistake of playing ball with one, repeatedly tossing it to him as he would eagerly drop it at my feet. He enjoyed the sport so much that he took the liberty of extending the play to a “ride” on my foot. As I recall, he landed about 20 ft. away in the horn of an old victrola….


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