Chicago Eating Tour: Vol. 1

Oh, Chicago. The land of air that perpetually smells of warm chocolate, of pig tails, beef tongue, and peanut butter butter. The land where I gained 5lbs in pork meat in 2.5 days and somehow lived to tell about it. The land of food, good food, great food, and my personal idea of heaven. Cupcakes upon brownies upon Chicago dogs. The only way to cover it all is through a series of Eating Tour posts, one of which may or may not recount the time I ate a pig’s face. With no further ado, I give you… Volume 1.

For our first night in town, we went with several recommendations to go to The Purple Pig, a restaurant that specializes in “cheese, swine, and wine”. You had me at hello.

We ordered fried pig’s ear (much crispier than expected), pigs’s tail (which is more like pig’s butt, and very tender), and octopus (tentacle, that is. suckers included). We also got some heavenly prosciutto bread balls, pork fried almonds, and chicken thigh kabobs. All in all, a delicious meal – and I was glad to step outside my culinary comfort zone and try some really different foods!

The following morning I experienced the phenomenon that is red velvet pancakes at Brunch.

How do I even express this stack of velvety pancake heaven? Frankly, I can’t. All I can say is that in between each pancake in the stack, there was a cream cheese glaze. And I maybe licked the plate.

And that concludes the first 12 hours spent and 12,000 calories eaten in Chicago. Tomorrow..Volume 2!


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