Chicago Eating Tour: Vol. 2

Welcome to Volume 2 of the Chicago Eating Tour, otherwise known as “the time I spent 3 days in a new city and all I did was EAT”.

Though I ended up being blown away (windy city, get it? GET IT??) by the amazing meals and restaurants, I was initially most excited to see what the bakeries in Chicago had to offer. More specifically, how to maximize cupcake exposure.

But a girl cannot live on cupcakes alone, so Mike and I decided to forgo a full morning (yes I eat cupcakes before noon, don’t you?) of cupcakes for a trip to one bakery and one cupcake shop.

First we stopped at trekked to Bake.

WELL worth the expedition. I loved the atmosphere, from this awesome wall of words (want this in my kitchen) to the handmade “Yes{backwards s} weRe OpeN” sign from the owner’s son on the front door. Right up my alley.

Mike and I split a raspberry and chocolate muffin for breakfast because I figured it would cover our daily intake of fruit. Desperate times call for desperate measures?

Then I had a mental breakdown while trying to decide which goodies to order from this spread:

And ended up ordering one of everything.

Luckily Mike stepped in and said we would just like an M&M cookie and a banana chocolate chip cookie, pleaseandthankyou. Often I worry what might happen without someone rational to occasionally (and necessarily) reel me in. I have a feeling it would have something to do with a broken scale and The Biggest Loser.

Then we immediately hopped on the El (L? Elle?) and headed straight for More. I’ve noticed that Chicago likes short, to-the-point names for its eateries. Brunch. Bake. More. It’s like Chicago is speaking to me. Yes, okay, I will brunch and bake more. I GET IT.

I loved the way More displayed their treats. It was like walking into a wall of cupcakes that are all screaming EEEEAAAATTT MEEEEE.

Once again I got overwhelmed and tried to order everything. There were 15+ flavors! Some included bacon! How is a girl to decide?!?!?! It’s just not fair.

Here’s what we went with:

Black&White: Marble cake with chocolate buttercream and white&milk chocolate shavings.

Salted Caramel: Vanilla cake with caramel center (UNREAL) and salted caramel buttercream.

Blueberry: Blueberry cake (good) with blueberry buttercream (eh) and fresh blueberries.

Valrhona: Dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate ganache and GOLD. Which I’m still checking my…ahem…toilet for.

All in all, fabulous cupcakes with so many original and seasonal flavors. Gimme more.

This concludes CET:v2. Just the tip of the iceberg of Chicago bakeries, but all the more reason to go back soon!


One thought on “Chicago Eating Tour: Vol. 2

  1. hotelhauserhappenings

    You should make a trip to our confectionary in St Moritz – now I appreciate it is not that close to Chicago but it really is worth the trip – check this out – – everything is made on the premises and when people ask us why our chocolate is sooooo delicious we tell them it is because our cows up here are very happy – you can see them too when you come – well worth a detour trust me!!!


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