Chicago Eating Tour: Vol. 4

I’m baaaack! I can’t believe how long I’ve been holding out on you with this final eating tour post. Just trying to build the drama, you know?

I should start by saying that the meal I’m about to describe has become the new Best Meal of My Life, BUT I will always keep a special place in my heart for honey spaetzle.

It should also be noted that I ate until I exploded. Literally. I looked like Violet Beauregarde when she turns into a giant blueberry and the oompa loompas have to roll her away. It wasn’t pretty.

So. Let’s set the scene. For my and Mike’s final night in Chicago, we were looking for a REALLY good place to eat. Our gracious host CJ had called to make reservations for the three of us almost a month prior at Girl and the Goat, only to find that they were booked solid for months. Months! We called around a few other places in an attempt to make a reservation elsewhere, but since I knew that we couldn’t go to Girl and the Goat, that was the only place I wanted to eat. I get obsessed with things.

Long story short, we decided to show up at the Goat around 9:30PM and see if they might have a late-night opening. I believe the good-food gods were looking down on us because lo and behold, they were able to take us at 10:30PM! Which is 11:30PM Eastern time, so basically I ate a 10-course meal at midnight. Hence the Violet Beauregarde roly-poly issue.

Regardless, we were THRILLED to get a table and even MORE thrilled when we discovered that the owner, Stephanie Izard (winner of Top Chef Season 4) was sitting just a few tables away. Total foodie celeb!

Here is what we ordered. Please try not to judge the excess of it all. This was a once-in-a-lifetime meal, people!

To start:

Buenos dias bread with coffee butter and blueberry vinaigrette.

Spence wheat bread with peanut butter butter and honeycomb.

Small plates:

Squash blossom rangoon with crab, chive yogurt, toasted almonds.

Kohlrabi salad with fennel, evalon, blueberry, toasted almonds, ginger dressing.

Gjetost pancake with heirloom tomato jam, shiitake mushrooms, black pepper creme fraiche.

Ham frites with smoked aioli, cheddar beer sauce.

Escargot ravioli with bacon, tamarind-miso sauce.

Braised beef tongue with masa, beef vinaigrette, salsa verde.

Goat chorizo flatbread with ajvar, peppers, green tomato, apples, fresh ricotta.

Goat liver mousse with peach mostarda, corn relish, crumpets.

Wood oven roasted pig face with sunny side egg, tamarind, cilantro, potato stix.


Goat cheese bavarois with brown sugar cake, citrus blueberries, marcona caramel.

Chocolate bouchon with foie fluff, salted toffee, milk chocolate sorbet, gooseberry compote.

Our waitress was so fab that she brought us two desserts even though we only asked for one. And because she knew to bring me the chocolate bouchon even though I pretended I was too full to eat it, she is my new best friend.


Foie fluff. Hi. I don’t even really know what foie is (just looked it up…wish I hadn’t) but I do know that they replaced the butter in the marshmallow with foie fat. Which brought fluff to a whole other level I never knew existed.

Peanut butter butter.

Peanut butter BUTTER. I want peanut butter butter in my life every minute of every day and I want it to be with me always. The end.

Cheddar beer sauce. Are you for real?

High/lowlight: I ate a pig’s face. The good news is it didn’t look like a pig’s face. The bad news is I knew it was a pig’s face. Oink.

All in all a perfect finale to the Chicago Eating Tour, with unbelievable foods I never expected to try, let alone like! If you ever visit Chicag0: GO to Girl and the Goat, eat your heart out, and don’t look back.


3 thoughts on “Chicago Eating Tour: Vol. 4

  1. Emily

    I just died a little inside while looking at all of this
    the things I would do for non-dining hall food at this stage in the game….

  2. Anna {dear friend}

    Oh my I love this last eating tour post. It all looks delish and you are too funny!

    The looks of this place kind of reminds me of TORO which is my most FAAAAAVORITE restaurant in Boston ever. Have you been there?


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