Things People Google To Get To My Blog

One of my favorite things to do is check the stats page where I can see what people Google to get to my blog. Here are some of the best:

I miss you baby

I miss you, too.

Picnic people

Was this person wondering what people on a picnic look like? Why not just go to a park? Because you won’t find any picnic people – or people picnics – here.

Blue french bulldog


Macaron fail

Whatever. It happens. Way to bring up bad memories.

“Ride on my foot”

I hope this doesn’t have a dirty meaning because if it does…ew.

Jeans jacket for cat


Pepperoni calzones

When have I ever made (or mentioned) calzones? Confused.

Pregnant sea monkey


How can I convince my boyfriend to learn CPR

Couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Person eating oreo

You found it. Probably relates to my number one fave search term…

Sad ugly face

Truth hurts.

5 thoughts on “Things People Google To Get To My Blog

  1. Emily

    The cat jean jacket is priceless because I didnt know anyone else on earth would ever think of doing that, besides us.

    1. Kembalinya

      Another tip I will add is to take LOTs of pictures and narorw them down to the best ones before sharing. With digital photography, there is no film to develop so you’re free to shoot away and cut later. Especially with a toddler on the move, it’s important to shoot quick, try lots of different angles and perspectives and hope you catch that adorable smiling face before it runs away or lunges at the camera. My husband shoots up to hundreds of photos a day when he wants to capture just a few images of our adventures. Most of them end up in the trash but he get a few great ones, too. He would also say to pay attention to lighting, late afternoon or early morning is best for good light. Avoid direct sunlight and using the flash.Great post : ).

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