Liz and Dave’s Wedding

My Boston pal and former roomie Liz got married this past weekend in upstate New York. I realize I refer to a lot of things as the “most [insert adjective] [insert noun]”, but it’s possible that Liz was the most beautiful bride. Though I forgot my camera in Boston (don’t GET me started), here are a random assortment of stolen-from-Facebook and iPhone pics.

This is when I started crying.

Can’t wait to see the wedding photographer version of this!!

My handsome date 🙂

Most.Delicious.Wedding cake.Ever.

(I even asked for the recipe.)

(But got de-NIED. Another story for another day.)

Accidentally dressed the same as my bestie Fina, despite the fact that we both told each other we were planning to wear something totally different.

Great wedding! Congrats, Liz and Dave!


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