Upstairs on the Square

Yesterday I met my friends Alix & Brian for brunch and we decided to finally try Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge.

Um…why the heck did I wait so long to go there?? This place is made for me.

It’s pretty much exactly what I imagine Alice in Wonderland’s house to look like, if Alice was a chef who knew how to make every kind of delicious brunch food and loved having her peeps over for afternoon tea.  Not only does it have the cutest, most whimsical decor, but the food is the bomb dot com as well.

Take a peek at the bread basket:

Teeny tiny cinnamon rolls, mini apple muffins, pecan crumb cake, and cheese & herb scones. MINE.

I ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich.  This was a testament to the true yumminess factor of Upstairs’ food, because I do NOT usually eat sunnyside up eggs. Yick.

Oops, guess I do now. Demolished the entire thing in seven bites.

Love, love, loved this place.  Can’t wait to go back for afternoon tea or maybe just to move in.  Wonder if Alice needs a roomie…?


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