Homemade Challah Bread


Holla for challah!

While I was in NYC this past weekend with my sister, we were talking about how much we love a good challah bread. I had a two-day school week this week and decided it would be a good time to attempt my own challah.

I bake with the kids in my class every Friday, and they’ve become quite the skilled sous chefs. They wear little aprons that say “Blue Room Bakers” and take their jobs very seriously. Since the recipe I used made two loaves, I braided one loaf and broke up the remaining dough for the kids to shape.  I may or may not have discovered some glitter baked right into the pieces the kids made.  Totally fine.

It ended up being a two-day labor of love (due to a lack of a stand mixer + 17 pairs of miniature “helping hands”), but the challah was a huge success!  We used this challah bread recipe from Smitten Kitchen, and the kids gobbled it right up, exclaiming how delicious it was the whole time.


I can’t say the same for Mike, who proclaimed, “mmm…this tastes just like church wafer!  You know..yeasty.”

Church wafer.

Apparently it was meant as a compliment, but this turned into an hour-long fight discussion about church wafers, their lack of YEAST, and how what Mike meant was the challah actually tasted like red wine.

Another compliment?

Then we went out for the best BBQ of my life and promptly forgot the yeasty wafers. The end.

The moral of the story is make this challah, because the recipe is simple to follow, the bread is beautiful to look at, and it tastes NOTHING like church wafer.  Challah!

5 thoughts on “Homemade Challah Bread

    1. melaniejanem Post author

      Sweet Cheeks in Fenway! I just kept repeating in between bites… it’s not fair…. it’s not fair…

      I would go for the fresh out-of-the-oven biscuits and honey butter alone. And drinks in mason jars. And pulled pork. Hiiii.


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