NYC Eating Tour: Part 1

Sorry for the delay in posts, my friends!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and took some time to relax and recharge 🙂

I spent the past 5 days eating, chillin’, spending time with family, and eating some more.  You would think I would get sick of all the Christmas goodies, but nope…still going strong at around 75 cookies/day.

I realized I never posted my pictures from the NYC eating tour with my sister a few weeks ago, so here’s a peek into our eating adventures!

First stop was Laduree for some french macarons, which I basically peed my pants over.  After the 6 failed macaron attempts, I was preeeettttyy pumped to have some perfect macarons.  And perfect* they were!

Next stop was Momofuku Milk Bar, where we got red velvet soft serve (to.die.for.) and an {unphotographed, unbelievable} compost cookie [chocolate chips, pretzels, potato chips, corn flakes, coffee grounds] which I plan to recreate in the very near future.

Then we went to Rice to Riches and split a pecan pie rice pudding.  It was HEAVENLY.

Next up was Lulu’s Sweet Apothecary for a vegan raspberry donut and the BEST dairy-free ice cream I’ve ever had.  We had a taste of the peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream and it tasted just like frozen creamy peanut butter, in the best possible way.

Then we popped over to the Union Square Christmas market and found MORE macarons, including a s’mores flavor and a Snickers one.  Love.

Be on the lookout for Part 2 tomorrow!

*Except for the rose-flavored one, which, truth be told, I spit out.  Roses should be looked at but never eaten.


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