Photo a Day Challenge: 21

[Playing catch-up]


DOUBLE reflection.  How ’bout them apples?


5 thoughts on “Photo a Day Challenge: 21

  1. Leach

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    I love this and hope for a pro version. something that would cost ore but also have more, and may even have some features from snap-art, Boken and others… of course not full feature, that would be impossible… but would it be cool to have an alien skin sampler on the eye-phone.. LOL anyway.. I thank you for this app, it has been soooo muuuch fuunnn. It seems everyone I talk to buys it, and then shows me something they have been using that cost two or three times as much well it was either 1.99 or 2.99, but they gave it up for this. we love it

  3. Vicent

    Nice Job! I have to laugh because I just wrote a blog post today with the same title. Mine is sluhdeced to post tomorrow ( I love seeing what others are doing and learning. The heal was the most difficult part of my first sock, and on my second and third. After that I figured out that there are different patterns for the heal and is really a preference determined by the pattern maker. Happy knitting

  4. Idana

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