Blood Orange Seltzer

This post is 99% about showing off pretty photos and 1% about recipe sharing.  You’ve been warned.

Blood oranges.



Usually after I take my food photos, I up the color saturation in iPhoto a bit.

No color saturation upping necessary here.  Blood oranges + blood orange juice really just look like that.

Additionally, in the wake of the diabetes-inducing, cholesterol-spiking, biggest hit on my blog EVER Oreo Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes, I figured it was juuuust about time for my kitchen to pump out something healthy.

And healthy this beautiful seltzer is.  No added sugar, just 2 cups sparkling water mixed with the juice from 1 blood orange.  Simple and refreshing.


4 thoughts on “Blood Orange Seltzer

  1. Clair

    Ok, your pb cup oreo cupcakes looked AMAZING, but this is totally my kind of healthy treat.

    You’re right…the photos are to-die-for gorgeous, but the recipe also sounds delicious…and so simple!


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