Things People Google To Get To My Blog: Part II

One of my favorite things to do is to check the list of search terms that have landed people on my blog.  Some are funny, some are strange, and some are downright mind-boggling.  Here is a list of the most recent gems:

Living sea monkeys in baking soda

W.h.a.t. Now I’m panicked that I’m going to open my box of baking soda and find a family of sea monkeys peering out at me.

What does a french bulldog love mike

Or, as I read it: “What does a french bulldog love? -Mike”.  Thanks for asking, Mike!  The answer is “Melanie.”

Cute baby dolls that look real

I can only imagine that this is referring to all the posts I write about my American girl doll collection.  Oh, wait…

Bye bye donuts

Seeeee ya!

Club cracker break up


Who makes the best peanut butter cookie

Duh, me.

Chocolate ravioli

Yes please.

Mouthful of chocolate

Otherwise known as “my life”.

When I’m in love

When I’m in love I make rainbow sprinkle cakes and blast Whitney Houston.  RIP girl.

All I want for Valentine’s Day is a cupcake


How to make dough rise faster?

When you find the answer to this question, random internet friend, please contact me.

How are cheez its made

See above.

Shaving foam


Winnie the pooh dying


Read part I here.

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