Cupcake Taste-Test with Mom!

Last week my dad had to come to Boston for work, so my mom tagged along and we got to spend the week together!  I loved having her here to do and appreciate all the touristy things I tend to take for granted in this beautiful city I call home.  Obviously I had to show her all my favorite cupcake joints, which resulted in a mini cupcake taste-test and a potential NEW FAVORITE CUPCAKE.  Can it be???

The cupcake crew: Snickerdoodle, Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake and Carrot Cake from Sweet, Boston Cream Pie from Curly Cakes, and Chocolate Peanut Butter from Mike’s Pastry (below).

We thought the cake from Sweet was a little dry, but their frosting continues to BLOW my mind in its deliciousness.  We were unimpressed with the Boston Cream Pie from Curly Cakes, mostly because it was missing the cream filling?  Isn’t that sort of key?

But the totally unexpected winner?  Chocolate peanut butter from Mike’s Pastry!  Though I love their cannolis, WHO KNEW Mike’s Pastry had unbelievable cupcakes??  Their peanut butter buttercream is perfection and even managed to rival my favorite buttercream, and the chocolate cupcake is stuffed with a huge blob of STRAIGHT PEANUT BUTTER.  Gen.ius.  If you haven’t tried Mike’s Pastry for cupcakes yet, it’s a must!!

11 thoughts on “Cupcake Taste-Test with Mom!

  1. Mom

    Dad thinks you deliberately positioned the picture of me after the duck because we have the same facial expression. Do I LOOK like I’m quacking?

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  3. Nicole

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Sweet because the cake’s a little dry, but I’ve never thought about trying Mike’s for cupcakes! Thanks for the tip! (Now we’ll see if I can make it in there without shoving a cannoli in my mouth before I have a chance to ask for a cupcake instead =P) If you haven’t checked out the cupcakes Party Favors in Coolidge Corner yet you definitely should. They’re the best in Boston (that I’ve tried so far) in my opinion. Also, the new Crumbs Bakery near South Station was AMAZING! I know it’s a national chain, but still…I was very impressed.
    Food for thought.

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      I’ve been DYING over Crumbs…so far I think I’ve had 75 Elvis cupcakes. I’m also so so so so SO excited for Georgetown Cupcakes to open on Newbury St!!

      1. Nicole

        They have Elvis cupcakes?? I’ve been missing out! I can’t get past the “Good Guy” ones..they’re just so rainbowy!

  4. Samantha

    I was just in Boston last weekend (my first visit, I live in FL) and my boyfriend took me to Sweet on day #1 (he sure knows how to make me happy- sugar!) I had the Lemon Honey cupcake there and let me tell you that it was awesome! The cake was the honey and the icing was the lemon. OMG if I could just go back there right now! And in reply to Nicole, I heard from one of my boyfriend’s friends up there, that the Party store in Coolidge Corner has the best cupcakes! Who knew a party store!?


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