Paris: The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tour.  I CAN’T even.

If I were to say I cried every other time we saw it, and claimed it wasn’t real the other half of the time, I would only be exaggerating a teeeeny tiny bit.  It’s still so amazing to me that we could be walking down the street and turn the corner, look up, and see THE EIFFEL TOWER.  Pinch me.

Here are 1/800th of the pictures I took.  Just could NOT get enough.

My very first picture in Paris and subsequently my very first sob fest.  Something along the lines of, “It’s ssssooo beeeaauuuutifulllll.  I ccc-cc-c-can’t believe it’s reeeaaalll.”

(Mind you, I went to Paris in high school and this is NOT the first time I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower and established its realness.)

(Not entirely sure how Mike puts up with me.)

Casual butt crack.

Come back tomorrow for Paris: THE FOOD.

Paris: The Sights here.


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