Recipe Fails

I had a totally delicious and simple popsicle recipe all lined up for you today, but then I took one step outside, got smacked in the face by 40 degree rain and wind, and decided that the LAST thing I should be sharing is a frozen treat. So the popsicle(s) will have to wait.

Instead, I’ve decided to post some of my recipe and food photography fails. I got inspired by my girl Anna’s post on keeping up appearances (or not)ย over at Dear Friend. It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows inside my wonderful kitchen and it wouldn’t be very truthful of me to pretend that each and every recipe I try comes out perfectly. Sometimes I get overly ambitious trying new ingredients (check my attempt at jamming all my Easter candy into Momofuku’s Compost Cookie above – fail.), other times the finished product looks/tastes like poo (fail), and still other times I can’t get a good picture because of poor lighting or impatience, and I end up eating whatever I’ve made before I can get a blog-worthy photo…FAIL. Here are some examples.

Remember the time I attempted a green velvet donut for St. Patrick’s Day? That’s right, you don’t. Because I never posted it. Because WHY would it be a good idea to mix GREEN food coloring with CHOCOLATE CAKE BATTER???? Di.a.rrhea. Yeah, I said it.

These heath crunch cookies actually tasted pretty great, but I tried to take photos of them on a rainy afternoon in February and succeeded in taking 1000 underexposed beige-on-beige-on-beige photos before polishing off the entire batch. Sowwy. (If you want to make them, just sub out the chocolate chips in my chocolate chip cookie recipe with Heath Bar bits. Pretty amazeballs.)

Chocolate greek yogurt pancakes, which, in theory, should be pretty delicious AND nutritious. Instead these look like flattened, fluffy,…well, turds.

And finally, these chocolate peanut butter brownies. Messy and crumbly and chocolate oozing everywhere, I gave up taking photos after 5 tries and just face planted in the pan instead.

There are also some unphotographed gems, like the brown butter vanilla bean cookies that tasted like heaven but felt like hockey pucks, or the healthified banana donuts that had the consistency of grainy baked baby food.

So there you have it…the truth. 80% success, 20% fail. Real life in the kitchen of Melanie.

And now that I’ve fully disgusted you and you officially never want to read my blog again, here’s a reminder of why you came here in the first place:

CUPCAKES, haaaayyy! Thanks for reading through the good AND the bad, friends ๐Ÿ™‚


14 thoughts on “Recipe Fails

  1. Foodloveandhappiness

    Great, thanks for sharing! Somehow it is good to know (and read) that we all have our bad days…too bad, but thank god we have more good ones! These pictures and recipes are indeed not a great succes, that green donut looks very weird and the cookies are not brown enough.. I understand why you didn’t post them;) Great pic at the end though: love that last cupcake with the oreo!!

  2. Sprinkle Some Sunshine

    Your bad photos are better than my good photos, lol! I would totally LOVE to face plant in those chocolate pb brownies! I would have DEFINITELY deemed that photo a success!! Hope you’ll share the recipe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. poorauntedna

    Green Velvet Cake ong. But hey next st.pats dat try a White Choco Cake and green food color will probably work. White Choco frosting and those little green sprinkles… yummers!


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