Colorado Snapshots {Part 1}

You know I couldn’t resist! Now that I’m settled in vacationland stop #2 {the Jersey shore} and have gone through my Colorado photos 12353228 times, I’m so excited to share them with you! Today’s pictures come from our first couple days in Denver, which, surprisingly enough, were all about food.

{Mike posing with his own personal food truck}

{Award-winning Pinche tacos}

{Fine cuisine on a stick. Sign. Me. Up.}

{French fry-stuffed gyro uhhh HUH}

{Me & Fina}

{Cupcake truck}

{Bacon chocolate cupcake}

{Rotunda inside the state capital building}

{Blood orange soda, new favesie fave}

{Giant peeping bear}

{Flight of beers at Denver Beer Co.}

{Maple bacon, PB&J, glazed, chocolate crueller, s’mores, chocolate caramel pecan. Best. Donuts. Of. My. Life.}

Stay tuned for some s-e-r-i-o-u-s scenery in {Part 2}!

13 thoughts on “Colorado Snapshots {Part 1}

  1. Samantha

    Love the pics! I’ve had the DRY soda before, it’s my boyfriend’s favorite. You have to try their other flavors, like Lavendar and Vanilla Bean. Have fun on the Jersey Shore!

    1. Gladis

      I don’t like a lot of the choices she has made. I think under nmaorl circumstances Kim K is extremely stylish and often someone I will look to for style guidance because our bodies are so similar. (Large breasts, small waist, and big butt) But ever since she announced her pregnancy I have been wondering what she is thinking she isn’t choosing clothes that are flattering for her body. I sympathize though because I had a hard time dressing my body when I was pregnant. At the beginning I wore loose shirts and skinny jeans or leggings with a loose top and lots of sweaters. As I got bigger I started to wear more form fitting clothes to show my stomach off. I really can’t be too mad at her because I like the fact that she takes risks I just don’t think it always works. I think she needs to make a visit to Rosie Pope, I think Rosie could help.

  2. gwynnem

    Wonderful photos of Denver! I work across the street from Civic Center Park. The summer food truck days are a blessing for my belly and a curse for my pocketbook. 🙂 Pinche Tacos are the bomb! I tried to replicate the cheese tacos, but they’ll never be as tasty as PT’s.

  3. colleen

    i’m headed to boulder in a few weeks and can’t wait! most importantly – where did you get the donuts in the last picture?! they look amazing.

    1. disembodiedprose

      I was wondering about the donuts as well – I just moved home to Boston from Boulder and couldn’t believe the disparity between the amount of donut places here (well, Dunkin Donuts, at least) and the almost complete lack in Boulder! I always had to go to Denver to find any but they were never particularly impressive. Those ones, however, look amazing! I guess I’m not surprised they’re from a special stand!

    2. The Sweet Life Post author

      Hey Colleen! We only got to spend a few minutes in Boulder but I LOVED it. You have to go to the most amazing kitchen store, Peppercorn. Check my response to Rachel (above) for the location of the donut stand. Have so much fun!!


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