Life These Days {Part 1}

Hello from upstate NY!! Life these days has consisted of 10AM wake-up calls, daily ice cream cones, nature walks, and zero obligations.




I’ve been soaking up every moment of family and fun, but I *am* looking forward to getting back to Boston and on some sort of real-life schedule at the end of this week.

Until then…more ice cream, please.

{Jersey shore sunset}

{Colorful Adirondack chairs in Clayton, NY}

{Vintage signs in Clayton, NY}

{Monarchs everywhere!}

{Giant windmills}

{Upstate farmland}

{Playing in the river like 10-year-olds}

{Picture perfect pond}

{Stole adopted someone’s dog for the afternoon}

{Can we keep him????}

Great news! As you’re reading this…I’M FINALLY BAKING SOMETHING. One month without recipes is toooo long. Expect a recipe coming your way in the near future 🙂

Pssstt…what do we think of these photo posts? Do you like them?



7 thoughts on “Life These Days {Part 1}

  1. Kristina

    Wow, absolutely beautiful! You are feeding my desire to come to the States & travel around and see everything! Need some serious head down organising time with 2 littlies & hubby. But I can see coming us back very soon! Thank you for the photo’s!

  2. Clair

    Omigosh, I love this so much. Your photos look like they belong in a calendar. So keep baking away, but I will also always LOVE these posts. You are talented.

  3. Rebecca

    Really enjoy the pics! The Adirondack chairs is my fav. Do you happen to use any filters or programs to edit your photos?

  4. colleen

    i love them! my boyfriend is about to move down here from upstate – i must say, i will miss it (but having him nearby is much more awesome). such a beautiful place.


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