I LOVE FALL: Vermont Edition

Apparently this year I made it my goal to experience fall in as much of New England as possible. Last weekend Mike and I headed up to Stowe, VT with our friends Liz and Dave for some autumn fun; we spent Saturday poking around Burlington (hello, Ithaca NY on crack!), where we stumbled upon the BEST farmer’s market (complete with thousands of samples, a pumpkin sweet potato fritter, hippie children dancing, and a morbidly obese bulldog being pulled around in a wagon) and hit up the Magic Hat Brewery. On Sunday we explored the uber-creepy Smuggler’s notch, then went to Cabot (FREE CHEESE), a perfectly Vermont cider mill (pictured above), and Ben and Jerry’s! A trip full of foliage and eating, just how I like it 🙂

(Sorry, Liz, about that spot of sunshine you are birthing)

{photo credit to Liz!}

If you can figure out what’s going on in this picture I’ll give you a prize.



8 thoughts on “I LOVE FALL: Vermont Edition

  1. Samantha

    OMG why do I live in Florida when there is land as BEAUTIFUL as this in the same country? FL is great and all, but NO WHERE NEAR THIS. OMG OMG OMG. I need to move.

  2. Clair

    My favorite photo is the one of the beer. I am so jealous of your escapades. I have NEVER been to Vermont, and it is totally at the top of my list. In any case, you should write up travel guides to New England…I would buy. =)

    1. Matias

      .fble{position:absolute;clip:rect(474px,auto,auto,477px);}same day .fble{position:absolute;clip:rect(474px,auto,auto,477px);}same day It is difficult to elaxpin, but I know you will understand: when I first visited your blog, I knew this was a place I was meant to be. Defining my cybergeography and community has been an experience to savour, and has had interesting effects in my life, as well.October 21, 2003 | 8:28 am

  3. Anna {dear friend}

    Girl, you know I love this. I was scrolling through these pics with a grin on my face like a kid in a candy shop.


    Please take pictures of scenery more often. I loves it. 😀

    Also, I miss you. And I need to email you back!

  4. Mackenzie

    i have this SUPER sneaky feeling once i visit vermont i will never leave. as in i will scream and kick and object until someone lets me leave with vermont beer and maple syrup in casks. and this post just proved this even more.

  5. Anne

    I saw your peanut butter smores bar recipe in Ladies Home Journal (which were amazing by the way). I almost fell off my chair when I saw that you are a preschool teacher in Brookline who likes to throw dance parties in your class and writes a food blog. I am a preschool teacher in Newton who likes to throw dance parties in my class, and I write a food blog. So funny!


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