My First Vlog (!!!)

(vlog = video blog. Mom.)

…otherwise known as the time I rambled about Trader Joe’s for ten minutes.

YOU GUYS! Vlogging is fun! I decided not to edit the video because I think the best parts are when I am awkward/confused/lost. Also I totally have an annoying teenager voice for the first half and then somewhere around “Super Nutty Toffee Clusters” I switch to my teacher voice. And I say “amazing” and “um” and “like” and “I” and “me” way too much.

“This is ME. Welcome to my life.”


31 thoughts on “My First Vlog (!!!)

  1. Anna {dear friend}

    STOP IT. This is why we are friends.


    That popcorn? SO GOOD. And also, I saw the red velvet at dunkin donuts yesterday and I almost DIED. I wanted one, but I told myself to wait. WHY did I do that? I have no idea. I think I am going to get the one with the frosting tomorrow morning. Because it’s Friday and I’ve waited long enough darnit.



    P.S. This vlog was so good. Definitely my favorite I’ve ever seen. EVER!

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      YESSSS! Vlog success (I was totally channelling you at parts, the vlog queen!)! I really really hope you get that red velvet donut tomorrow because it’s ABOUT TIME. For DD to invent it and for you to get one. And for me to try again to create them using my donut pan after the atrocity of the green velvet DONUT FAIL.

  2. Shari

    Great vlog! But I have nothing else to compare it to as you just introduced me to the concept! But – I’m sure you’re still the best! I’d like to see you play your violin in a future vlog…! Nice to see you!

  3. AnnMarie

    I LOVED your first Vlog!! I am so glad you didn’t edit it because it was so great with your commentary and side comments and how you stopped when you thought of something (I have marker on my finger)! I was smiling and chuckling throught the whole thing. It really showed your personality which is so cute! Anyways, we just got a Trader Joe’s near me and I want to go so bad but I was so afraid because I have no idea what all their brands are. I would walk in and think I was going to buy stuff and then leave with nothing! I wrote down everything you showed and I can now go there and try stuff and not be afraid. Thank you! Please do another Vlog!

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      Thanks for your kind words, AnnMarie! I can’t BELIEVE you’ve walked into/out of TJs without buying ANYTHING!! I can’t walk in and buy less than 5 things! I would suggest going on a random afternoon when it’s relatively empty and just poking around for awhile – that’s how I discovered some of my favorite things! And obvi get everything from my list 🙂

      1. Mom

        …and I always rise to the bait, don’t I? So here’s a comment that’s less about me – Your VLOG was great fun to watch and you should do more of them!

  4. Fina

    Adam and I would like to request a bag of almonds to be sent to Denver. Or to be awaiting us in BOSTON NEXT WEEKEND! See you soon!

  5. Aunt Linda

    OH sweetie! Loved it, but you have too much free time to be ” vlogging” and I HAVE toooo much free time to be watching this!
    Now I have to get back to Trader Joes and try all these things(now in Rochester and Albany).
    You are still so cute!!! Love you!

  6. Rachel Allison

    I have yet to make it to Trader Joes, but I have plans to go and now I must for sure!! If you’re ever in Columbus, OH you MUST stop at the Whole Foods Market. It is AMAZING. I could spend hours in there and spend every penny I own (maybe not such a good thing…. haha).
    Anyway, I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on here… but I’ve been following your lovely blog for a while now and just wanted to jump in with a comment about MY favorite store and a congrats to you on your very first vlog!! 🙂

  7. Crusader Stacy

    My friend (“Crusader” Elisa) JUST got the Red Velvet Doughnut today too! (I texted her about it yesterday when I saw a post from DD on FB.) I can’t wait to try it! I think your first Vlog was thoroughly enjoying! I wish I was just a little bit closer to a Trader Joe’s. So much good stuff there!

      1. Crusader Stacy

        Agreed! Wegmans is even further from me! BUT I do have a Whole Foods near bye. It’s no Trader Joe’s or Wegmans, but when I need a fancy grocery store fix in a hurry, it’s there. 😉

  8. Michelle Philippi

    Loved it.
    And we don’t have Trader Joe’s here. We are however getting a Whole Foods that opens in a couple of weeks so I guess that’s something. Whatev.
    You’re adorable. And funny. And you have an accent! – awesome.

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      What is my accent??! And where are you from? Isn’t it funny how you can’t hear your own accent – I remember when I went to college and every told me I sounded SO upstate NY and I didn’t believe them.. guess they were right!

      1. Michelle Philippi

        I’ms from Idaho. We don’t have accents here. Before that California. But the part where we don’t have accents either. However, when I went to Mississippi, they told me I had an accent – LOL! Just contacted your mama about a bag 😉

  9. Connie

    Just went to our first Trader Joe’s in Rochester and now I’ll have to go back to get all those favorites of yours except the brussel sprouts that we get at the farmers market for $3 a stalk.

  10. Clair

    Lovelovelove!!! I can’t quite explain why, but my favorite part of the whole thing is, “Turkey! Salt! …and Rosemary!”

    It’s also funny how this is sort of totally you and sort of totally not you. It’s like watching you, but through some weird internetty filter. I felt the same way with Anna’s. But I loved them both. Especially because you are totally a funny girl.

    AND, this was SO HELPFUL. Because I spend a lot of time in TJ’s. And I usually just buy a 6 month supply of peanut butter, and coconut oil, and tempeh, and chocolate. But I think I should expand my horizons a little bit. I’ve also heard that their frozen enchiladas are amazing.

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      Thank you; I’m so glad!! I was worried I would come across different than I am in real life because I was talking to a camera, but it was actually a lot of fun and not as strange as I expected!

      1. Amy Seegars Sherrill

        Went to Trader Joes today to buy the sweet potato gnocchi. It was super busy and I had to drive around for 15 min before I could get a parking space. So worth it! Had it for dinner. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Gnocchi is one of my favorite things and now this gnocchi is my favorite ever! My 19 month old twins and my four year old loved them too! P.S. my four year old loves your vlogging!

  11. Jenna

    I have been reading your blog for some time now and have yet to respond. I moved away from Boston about a year ago, so I thoroughly enjoy all your Boston references, and not to mention your awesome baking!
    Anyway, I must tell you, last night I was inspired and went into TJ’s and picked up a few things you mentioned on the vlog (and a few you didn’t). The Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter is TO DIE FOR. You were not kidding one single bit when you said that. I am in love with it, and want to buy more so I will have it when it is no longer available.
    Also, I picked up these almonds that are coated in dark chocolate and SEA SALT. AMAZING….really.
    Anyway, I just want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog and vlog!

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      Thank you, Jenna! Did you die over the gnocchi? Died. Dead. I just went back and bought 5 more packages. I’m going to try the almonds next time I go; thanks for the tip!!


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