My Essential Baking Tools {Vlog!}

You GUYS! You are so great. Thank you for all your funny/sweet/awesome comments! You totally inspired me to make another vlog, this time about my favesie baking tools.

Warning: I tried to edit (for about 40 seconds and then Mike turned on the election coverage and I got distracted) and I just couldn’t figure it out. So there is a totally annoying moment towards the end – I call myself out on it so it’s hard to miss – that I couldn’t get rid of. I also realize I’ve already told you that Mike passed the bar BUT he just found out he passed NY as well as MA (overachiever) and this is big life news so obvi I can’t stop talking about it. Please forgive me. Finally, according to my vlogs, I only wear stripes. Which is 90% true.

Here it is: my must-have baking tools!

That “other shape spatula that I’m talking about”.

Pastry cutter = dough blender  = pastry blender. Potayto Potahto Poteeto.


7 thoughts on “My Essential Baking Tools {Vlog!}

  1. Mom

    I will echo the suggestion that if you are in the market for a stand mixer, splurge (or ask Santa) for a KitchenAid. Hands down the BEST Christmas gift I EVER got from my husband (also because it was a complete surprise), and I’ve had it for 28 years.

  2. Emily

    Host me as a guest on your vlog over Thanksgiving so we can ramble together about delicious Thanksgiving foods and our “good sides” aka sides without baby hairs.


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