Doughnut Plant, NYC


*Warning: If you aren’t a fan of the times when I freak out unnecessarily over food, you should totes skip this post.*

Let me tell you how these most amazing doughnuts came into my life.

Mike was in NYC this past weekend, and I sent him a text that said a little something like this:

“Hey there one-that-I-love-oh-so-much, if you happened to be near Doughnut Plant and you wanted to buy some doughnuts for me, I wouldn’t be mad. I’ve heard their doughnuts are MAD GOOD and like, if you chose to spend your 24 hours in NYC buying me food instead of hanging with your bros, that would be okay with me. And if, by chance, you found yourself at said doughnut place, here’s the list of items I want. No pressure.

He followed up a few hours later with some texts that sounded a little something like this:

“Oh, did you want me to go to Doughnut Plant? Because the broseph that I’m staying with just so happens to live around the corner from it.

And oh, do you love french bulldogs? Because I just so happened to stumble upon a litter of french bulldog puppies on my way to get doughnuts.

*Photo of 14 Frenchie baby puppies piled on top of each other for naptime*

*Frenchie puppy photo*

*Frenchie puppy photo*

And, OH….were you wondering what 30 dollars worth of doughnuts looks like??

*Doughnut box photo*

Now you know.

*Photo of Frenchie puppies waking up*

*Frenchie puppies photo*

*Frenchie puppies photo*”

And then he returned home toting THIS.

YO Mike! Even though you somehow experienced my BEST DAY EVER without me, you da bessstt.

Here’s what we got…

I took one bite of the pumpkin and I fell into some sort of doughnut trance where I could only rock myself back and forth and murmur things like “Fluuuuffy. Cozy. Pumpkiiiin. Warmth. So cooozzzyyy. Fluffyyy.”

Listen, I am ACTUALLY. DROOLING. just thinking about it.

And then.

I was putting off eating this crumbly one because I thought it was coated in cinnamon sugar and was like, whatevs, I have chocolate and glaze and cream filling to focus on. But obv I needed to make the rounds, so I took a bite and had the best realization of all realizations that one could ever realize [surrounding doughnuts].



Go to Doughnut Plant. And take me with you.

The end.


16 thoughts on “Doughnut Plant, NYC

  1. colleen

    hahaha this was wonderful – doughnut plant is pretty damn good. HOWEVER, in my humblest of opinions, you gots to try dough, too. dough’s donut are like…i can’t even. you just need to do another donut run ti nyc for them.

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      O.M.G! How dare you start my Tuesday off with the mention of EVEN MORE delicious donuts!! Now it’s all I’m thinking about. Sorry Thanksgiving and family time, I’ve got donuts on the brain.

      As if I needed one more reason to visit NYC..! Thanks for the suggestion (even if it did totally ruin my Tuesday 😉 )

  2. Renee

    I love your descriptive blog!! Even if I wasn’t a doughnut lover I would have to try one of these!! I wish they were closer to Ohio! Lol Feel free to send me some anytime 🙂

  3. Crusader Stacy

    I canNOT describe my jealously over this. I’ve been DYING to go to a Doughnut Plant but always end up eating too many cupcakes before I leave NYC so go home without having experienced their glory. Ugh. I NEED to make them a priority on my next trip.

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      Unfortunately they were not-the-greatest quality cell phone photos, which is why I didn’t post them. Just imagine the tiniest little pile of sleeping baby Frenchies!!

  4. Nicole

    This is my favorite place ever! Now I need to make an excuse to go back to NYC to try a million more flavors! The Tres Leches was to die for! Excuse me while I continue to drool over these pictures.

  5. Amy Seegars Sherrill

    I have always wanted to go to Doughnut Plant ever since I saw a food network show with their PB&J doughnut. Yum! Jealous right now. I am on your page looking for a certain recipe for Thanksgiving! Have a happy one!

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