Merry Merry

DSC_1176Ho ho ho and Merrrrryyyy Christmas, my friends! I am in the midst of happily being snowed in to my house and haven’t left my couch (or my new bunny slippers) in over a day – except to go out for hot cocoa. Pri.or.i.ties. Here are some {lots} of pictures from the past few days of Christmas-ing šŸ™‚



imageMy aunt made 22 kinds of Christmas goodies. Twenty-two. Can one person fit 22 cookies in their belly, you ask? Only if they’ve been training since the age of three, I tell you…

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 4.15.50 PMAll the cookies will be miiiiiiine.


image_2This year we went to Utica the weekend before Christmas to spend time with my extended family. Mike and I stayed at my aunt and uncle’s log cabin in the woods, and we woke up in the morning to freshly fallen snow, a wood-fire stove and lemon-ricotta pancakes. Dreeeeamy.







image_3All the cousins with Buscia! She’s the cutest.

image_4After visiting with everyone in Utica, Mike and I headed to his house (along with 10 family members + 3 dogs) for Christmas round three! There were Christmas crackers and tree decorating and adorable puppies in reindeer antlers. And, an ice cream maker! YES! Ben and Jerry’s, heeeere I come.




image-2Finally, I headed home for [real] Christmas. We had our traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner, went to mass, and battled it out for the Christmas pickle. Peter {brother} found it in four seconds. As ALWAYS.




image_1-2How was your Christmas, friends? Anyone else want to join me on a cookie detox?

(Just kidding. Christmas or not, cookies are life.)

((But I will join you in eating 10x more veggies.))

6 thoughts on “Merry Merry

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      I love that someone else has a Buscia! Usually I just call her my grandma to others because few people know what Buscia means – I’m so glad to hear you appreciated my Polish shout-out!

  1. Megz

    Merry Christmas Miss Melz! I LOVE the pic of you as a young gal rocking that sweet turtleneck šŸ™‚ I also was a fan of the turtleneck…


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