Our Favorite Upstate NY Foods {Vlog}

When I was home last week, my sister Emily and I decided we wanted to record a vlog about all our favorite upstate NY (well, mostly Endicott, NY) foods. The video turned out to be kind of a bust (and fifteen minutes long), so we edited together all the outtakes for a ridiculous and completely not informative blooper vlog and decided to post that instead. Enjoy 🙂

Here is a list of the places/foods we talked about (but didn’t necessarily make it into the video):

  • Chicken Spiedies – If you haven’t experienced chicken spiedies yet, you are SURRRIOUSLY missing out. My personal favorite spiedie marinade is Salamida’s.
  • Turkey joints – A totally weird and totally delicious chocolate/Brazil nut confection from Rome, NY.
  • Jim Roma’s – Best white pizza in Endicott!
  • Rossi’s – Chicken wing pizza. Uhhhh huh.
  • Cider Mill – DOUGH.NUTS.

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