Brunch at Mistral

PicMonkey CollageYesterday, Mike and I went to brunch at Mistral with our friends Julie and Paul and OH MY GOSH. IT WAS SO GOOD. We’ve been meaning to go for awhile and I’m really not sure why we waited so long because… holy yum.

Before heading over, Mike and I perused the menu and lost our minds over the deliciousness. Pear beignets. Greek yogurt panna cotta with pistachio granola. Lemon poppyseed pancakes. Rosemary ham and gruyere omelette. HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE JUST ONE THING??? 

You can’t. Which is why I plan to go back 19 times or however many times it takes me to eat my way through the menu. (J/K) (but not really)

image_1When we sat down, the waiter brought over a warm cinnamon crumb muffin which was 80% crumb, 20% muffin. The perfect ratio of crumb to muffin, in my humble expert opinion. (I love crumbs.) Then we read the menu 18 more times and I freaked out about not making the right decision because HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE JUST ONE THING? #foodFOMO

I ended up ordering the milk chocolate chip pancakes with banana brûlée and warm Nutella. Yes, it was everything I hoped for and more (SO FLUFFY AND CHOCOLATE-FILLED). Yes, I made the right decision. And yes, when I wanted to bring the leftovers home and the waiter accidentally threw them in the garbage, they made a brand-new batch of pancakes and presented them to me in a doggy bag. Which Mike and I later demolished in a mere 1 minute and 42 seconds.


You should… probably go.

7 thoughts on “Brunch at Mistral

  1. Emily

    when I come to visit you in Boston we’re going here and I’m getting this: GRAHAM CRACKER CRUSTED CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST, KUMQUATS, CRÈME FRAÎCHE CHANTILLY. ohhhh yes.

  2. soanthro

    Ohmygahhh this sounds beyond amazing. One of my high-ranked wishes in life is to be able to brunch out in Boston everyday. Mustmustmust try this one!


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