Weekend Happenings

DSC_1323Hooray! It’s already Tuesday! Three day weekends are whaaaatttt’s UP.

Here’s our weekend, in photos…

image (1)|Cornell alumni conference in Boston this weekend. Hey Ezra!|

PicMonkey Collage|Happy Birthday, Mike! Despite the 55 sparklers, we didn’t burn the building down! Don’t tell our landlord this happened!|

image (1)|Yellow birthday cake with milk chocolate frosting from the Flour cookbook|

IMG_6494|Copley Square|


IMG_6496|Favorite brunch spot|

DSC_1278|Paris? Boston? PARIS.|

DSC_1321|Pink tea|


IMG_6497|Spiced raspberry shortbread|

IMG_6498|Fresh grapefruit juice|

IMG_6499|We’re hoping they start recognizing us as regulars soon|

IMG_6501|South End love|

IMG_6502|Discovered Siena Farms South End. Adorable little shop with tons of local food & produce!|

IMG_6486|Warming up with hot cocoa from The Buttery|

IMG_6487|Credit to Mike the paparazzo|

IMG_6491|Flour Back Bay. We saw Joanne Chang!|

IMG_6489|One of each, please|

IMG_6492|Free day at the MFA|

DSC_0034|Mario Testino. So glad to have caught this exhibit before it left Boston!|

DSC_0043|Creepy flying people|


How was your weekend? Anyone else wishing today was a snow day?

9 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      She is a tooootal celeb. When I saw her like, making sandwiches, at Flour I was like WHAT IS THIS CELEB DOING MAKING SANDWICHES? And then I realized that oh…she’s a chef. Get on that train!

  1. Alexandr

    Thank you sir, This was a like a Valium . I am following a way, but this one is sure dfefirent. I will follow your path to achieve success in exam. By the way i am not preparing for IAS but i want to do. I want a schema over this. Please assist me.Thanks..

  2. Supaji

    Like the pics Jean! Cool app. (I’d like to see one of you and Russ that is made to look old-ha!) From what I can see, I think the grapes is my ftairove. Can’t wait to see more And, I love having another way to communicate with you, since I’m one of the few people that are still not on facebook )) Thanks for blogging

  3. Austine

    1. I WOULD say that I was born here, but Devin seems to think that Cambridge is a rural suburb of Boston. So to aewnsr this question, I’d have to say because of my friends. After college I moved home, all the way to the sticks, while most of my close friends relocated to Southie, ie two of them got an apartment together. I found myself hanging out there more and more, getting ready before a night out, walking Castle Island or going to the beach. It seemed to be the central meeting spot between my friends and me. Once I was ready to move out on my own, I decided that I wanted to be in Southie since I loved it so much, was pretty affordable, there was, albeit frustrating, parking and it was really close to my mom, who still lives in Cambridge.2. I don’t have any plans to leave anytime soon.3. If I was able to purchase an affordable house/condo in a nice area, I may be convinced to stay forever. Although, I think that for me to afford what I’d like, I need a higher paying job, as I don’t think my salary right now would cut it. Yea, a new job would be nice.


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