Hi! My name’s Melanie and I’m a twenty-something preschool teacher and grad student living in Boston. Β I love to: BAKE, take pictures of things I bake, take pictures of things in general, EAT, and explore this wonderful city I live in. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy πŸ™‚

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  1. Vogue Vet

    Hey Melanie! We went to Cornell together πŸ™‚ I keep my blog fairly anonymous, and I can’t figure out how to send private messages on WordPress, otherwise I’d send you one. Your baking looks amaaaaazing.

    1. melaniejanem Post author

      Hey! Based on the pics of Maybelline on your blog and on Facebook, I think I’ve figured you out! AnSci 101?? I hope all is well with you and I’m looking forward to reading more about your vet school adventures!

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  4. Maria

    This is Fina’s sister, Maria. Just want to let you know that I love your blog. Not only do you have great recipes, but great sense of humor and love the pics! I’m here with Sofia who took one look at your site and said “I LOVE sprinkles….ohhhhh look at those! I want to make that and that and that”. Have a great day πŸ™‚

  5. Emily

    This is literally the YUMMIEST blog that I have EVER seen!!!! I’m obsessed with baking, food in general, eating, and pinterest (slightly new for me but it introduced me to you!) I’m a freshman in college thinking about majoring in elementary Ed but also have always dreamed of opening a bakery. Your blog is so inspiring to read right now and it always makes me laugh!! Love love love it!!! Thanks for all the great recipes πŸ™‚

    1. melaniejanem Post author

      Hi Emily! Thank YOU for your sweet message! I’m still working on how to combine teaching and baking for the ultimate dream job, I’ll let you know if I figure anything out πŸ™‚ Best of luck with freshman year, it’s one of the best!!

  6. Rebecca

    Hi Melanie!
    I love reading your blog, I forget how I came across it but it is one of my favs! I love the recipes you post, your rants on life, the awesome amount of sprinkles you use and have the same assparation to visit Paris and master making Macaroons πŸ™‚ I visited Boston for the first time last year and LOVED it! You’re lucky to get to live there!! I also have to say I’ve enjoyed seeing your plugs about Wegmans here and there, I’ve worked for them since high school and now after college and glad you get to enjoy them up there, isn’t it a great store?! I do have a question for you… I’m in the market for a new camera since I, too, have a love of taking pics of food (and everything else!) and was curious as to what camera you have. I’m not gonna lie, seeing your recents photos you’ve posted have made me a bit jealous, lol!! Thanks and keep the great posts coming!

    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      Hey Rebecca! Thanks for your sweet message πŸ™‚ My younger brother and sister worked for Wegmans as well – LOVE that place!!! I have a Nikon D3100 camera with a standard 18-55mm lens as well as a 55-200mm zoom lens. I am 100% obsessed with it and its easily the best purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve heard that both Nikon and Canon DSLRs are good for beginner photographers – I waited until Black Friday to get a camera package on sale. If you’re interested in taking fancier photos and willing to invest the money, I highly recommend buying a DSLR!

  7. Nora Rose

    Love your blog! Just moved from Boston after living there for 4 years and my quest for a Frenchie is still not going well… I’m thinking my BF might give in if it just happens to get into our house. forever. πŸ˜‰

  8. Megan

    Love your ideas! Im thinking of moving to Boston from Chicago, what are your thoughts? Im a 30yo female looking for a new change of scenery.

  9. Meli

    This is too funny, my boyfriend came across your blog and showed it to me (since he knew all that I’m obsessed with baking and making things healthier if/when I can, then when I saw some of the pictures of you and Mike, I realized that I knew you guys.

    -Meli, also ’09

  10. Erin Cornia

    You should do mommy (or daddy) and child cooking/baking classes, you can incorporate many elements of learning plus it’s a good way to bond! Plus you could do it at your apartment and REALLY piss your landlady off! Teehee.

  11. amartin1991

    I was just perusing your blog and then I saw that you went to Cornell! I’m a senior at Cornell with a food blog as well (cupcakesandshowtunes.com). It’s always cool to connect with other Cornellians πŸ™‚ Your blog is lovely!

  12. Shari

    I just read the blurb in the Press and Sun Bulletin about you having a recipe in Lady’s Home Journal….so I looked you up! LOVE your blog! and lots of cool recipes! and pictures! Looking forward to reading more! How’s that violin playing??????
    Shari R.

  13. Heather Fish

    Once a Boston girl myself – Bethany Union on Newbury, fabulous night-school at Harvard, and boyfriend MIT frat-boy who I dumped after too many white-collar crime antics… Now a Laguna Beach girl (16 years and going strong…nothing will tear me away) and obsessed with your blog!

  14. Lisa

    Hi Mel,
    I’m going to try your Reese’s pb s’mores for guests coming in next wknd! I’m from Boston (was living in Needham) until we got moved to Texas for a few years for my husband’s job. I’m so excited to follow your blog! Any other recipes that you think are a “must bake”?


    1. The Sweet Life Post author

      Hi Lisa! Love to hear from a fellow (or former) Bostonian! As for recipes, I personally love ALL of the blondie ones. And the pumpkin muffins, which I bake pretty much once a week. And anything that has chocolate or peanut butter or both. Tough question πŸ˜‰

      1. Lisa

        Haha I know….. Definitely a tough question. I’m a peanut butter addict so I’ll start with the Reese’s s’mores and thanks for the tip about the pumpkin muffins. I love anything pumpkin so I’ll plan to do those for my guests (they’re coming from Brookline actually). Thanks again!!


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  16. Kate L

    I absolutely love this blog! My boyfriend often times has to take my phone away at 3AM because I’m on here when I should be sleeping.

    I bake way too much for my own good!

  17. Anonymous

    My names is Melony and my husband is Mark. We call ourselves M&M too. I also have two daughters named Morgan and Maggie. However, I teach 4th grade. Love your blog.

  18. Reem

    I just came across your LOVELY blog out of the blue! I’m moving to Boston soon, and let me just tell you, your blog is amazing – I’m very much looking forward to going there! (P.S. I’ve never been to Boston!)
    Also, I absolutely LOVE to bake; your recipes are going to come in very handy very very very soon. So I thank you for that πŸ˜€


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