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Happy Friday!

{simple & pretty flowers from the farmer’s market}

It’s here, it’s here! Friday is here! Happy weekend, friends 🙂

PS – I made these s’mores stuffed chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday in the midst of a mental breakdown and pretty much lost it. Um, MAKE THEM. Your weekend will thank you.

Snapshots from Home

Mike and I went home this past weekend to celebrate my not so little brother’s college graduation and we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather or a more beautiful weekend with family! I swear I didn’t realize (or appreciate!) how pretty upstate NY is until I wasn’t living there anymore, and I SWEAR it gets prettier every time I’m home. Rolling hills, so much greenery, family time, and a sweet sunset on the ride back to Boston; here are some snapshots from home!

Hippity Hoppity

Hoppy Monday, friends!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  I’m currently nursing a chocolate/Peep hangover and trying to get back into the swing of things when all I really want to do is take a nap inside my Easter basket.  My family came to visit for Easter weekend (which just so happened to be my mom’s birthday this year, hence the bunny birthday cake) – yesterday we did brunch at my apartment and then took a trip to Walden Pond and Concord for the afternoon.  We even found the Easter bunny!

Wildlife Wednesday: Daffodil Edition

There is a small field/hillside I walk by every day to get to Charlestown, and usually I am too distracted spying on all the cute puppies in the dog park nearby to notice it. But on our recent summer-weather Monday, LOOK at what I discovered!!

So. Many. Daffodils.

If you are near Charlestown in the next few weeks, go check this out! Cheers me up every time 🙂

Valentine’s Goodies

Cupid took over my kitchen (and brain) this weekend. I could not get enough of all things red, pink, and chocolate. Though obnoxious, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest baking holiday of the year in my life, and therefore I take it very seriously.

Red and pink roses to get my kitchen in the Valentine zone.

Chocolate truffles à la Eat, Live, Run.

Sparkly sugar cookie hearts.

And though it has nothing to do with pink or red or chocolate, here’s what I’m dreaming about on this sunny, heart-filled day.

True love.


We’ve recently had a whole bunch of flowers around the house, so of course I’ve been busy taking pictures and playing with them using different photo editors. Here are some of the ones I took…
Pink and white roses
 Pink roses, if you look closely they should look like a painting
More roses
And finally, amaryllis
EVERYone should get one of these. You literally plant the bulb in a little pot, put it in a sunny place, keep the soil moist, and watch it grow 1/2 inch everyday. Beautiful!!