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Frenchie Friday

I had four people send me Frenchie videos/pictures/sightings this week.  One of them being MIKE, who sent me this:

Which can only mean one thing: my plan is working.

Additionally, my friend Cathy posted a Frenchie video on my facebook wall and I can.not.handle it.

I bet you can all guess what I’ll be wishing for at 11:11 11/11/11!

Frenchie Friday

I have a scale like this! I could do this with my very own tiny Frenchie!


**ANNOUNCEMENT** My wonderfully talented mom, creator of emme purses on etsy, is selling her clutches and totes at a craft fair tomorrow, November 5, from 9-3 at Jennie F. Snapp middle school (in Endicott, NY).

If you’re in the area you should go check her out – new styles galore! Go mom 🙂

Frenchie Friday

For this week’s Frenchie Friday, I have a


Let’s set the scene…

Disclaimer: Mike does not like french bulldogs and says that he never will.

The time: Wednesday, 8/24/11, 11:04PM

The place: My apartment, and an undisclosed location elsewhere

The players: Me and Mike

So I’m on the phone with Mike as he’s walking to a friends house, and I hear him run into a person walking a french bulldog. Before I can launch into my usual WHAT COLOR WHAT’S ITS NAME IS IT A GIRL OR BOY HOW BIG IS IT CUTE CAN I KEEP IT I hear Mike ask the owner if he can pet it . And then he’s using his dog voice and I’m getting jealous that he’s petting a frenchie and I’m not and…

he utters six little words.

“I like them!”

and then..

“I want one”

It is official. I have finally convinced Mike to like french bulldogs. This is the biggest and first step of my three-year Get a Puppy campaign and I feel like I won the lottery. Now it’s only a matter of time (days really) until I have a Frenchie of my own.

Aug 24, 2011. A day that will live in infamy.