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Life These Days {Part 2}

{Sunset over the slope at Cornell}

Here are a few more photos from our upstate NY adventures. Please excuse the 100 animal photos…it’s Wildlife Wednesday???

{Toad friend we found outside my grandparents cabin in the Adirondacks. Photo credit to Mike!}

{Hummingbird at the feeder. Kudos to Mike (again! Wildlife photographer extraordinaire!) for this shot}

{Grandparents’ cabin, but we call it “camp”. I think this an upstate NY/Maine thing? Either way, most relaxing place in.the.WORLD.}

{Archway at Cornell}

{Inside the Cornell war memorial. Mhmm I love my old school yes I do!}

{Big sister/little sister Cornellians. Go Emily GO!}

{Clock tower}

{Last Cornell one. Swear.}

{The definition of upstate NY. Please note the two cows in the back are MOOOOOing at me.}

{Mike and I at the sailing club on Otsego Lake}

{Twilight on Otsego Lake, Cooperstown}

{I apologize that this is blurry and out-of-focus but UM…this is the night sky at home. Look at all those STARS!!}

It’s official: I’m never coming back to Boston. It’s too pretty here.

(Except that I am. Seeya Saturday!)

Colorado Snapshots {Part 3}

I’m back, as promised, with my photos from gorgeous, GORGEOUS Vail. It’s so pretty that I almost want to move there and become a mountain (wo)man. Almost.

Get ready for 8 bajillion sunset pics. Sorry not sorry 🙂

PS: Can you spot the three tree huggers?


Blood Orange Seltzer

This post is 99% about showing off pretty photos and 1% about recipe sharing.  You’ve been warned.

Blood oranges.



Usually after I take my food photos, I up the color saturation in iPhoto a bit.

No color saturation upping necessary here.  Blood oranges + blood orange juice really just look like that.

Additionally, in the wake of the diabetes-inducing, cholesterol-spiking, biggest hit on my blog EVER Oreo Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes, I figured it was juuuust about time for my kitchen to pump out something healthy.

And healthy this beautiful seltzer is.  No added sugar, just 2 cups sparkling water mixed with the juice from 1 blood orange.  Simple and refreshing.


Every morning I roll myself out of bed and pad into the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker. I always check the window as my coffee is percolating, and today I was surprised with this gorgeous sunrise. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

One if by land..

It’s a widely known fact that I impulse-buy like its my job. It’s also a widely known fact that Ikea is a Disneyland for impulse-shoppers. 85 tealights for $2? Need. 17 jars of various shapes and sizes? Want. $3 lantern? Must have. 200 mystery “Swedish”meatballs? Gimme.

Which is why it’s good that Ikea is far away and not across the street. Like Trader Joe’s. The Disneyland of impulse-food-shopping. But that’s another story.

The other day I went to the Ikea with the intent of “just looking”. As. If.

After about 5 minutes of self-restraint I stumbled upon this lantern and had to have it RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE.

I pranced around with my lantern for a few moments before realizing that I had no place to put it. It’s not like you can use a tea light lantern as like.. a reading lamp in your bedroom (unless you are Abe Lincoln but didn’t he have really bad eyesight?) or to notify your peeps that the British are coming (unless you are Paul Revere). No, this baby was made for one thing only. To look SAH-OOPer cute sitting on a porch table on a summer night.

So then I needed a porch table. Enter, Ikea.

And you can’t light a tea light lamp without tea lights. Oh, Ikea sells a package of 1,000 tea lights for a dollar? Whooooosh! (That’s the sound of me rapidly pulling things off the shelves at the height of my impulsiveness)

And that is the story of how this perfect dinner on a perfect little table on a perfect summer night came to be.

The end.